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“Beacon Aged Care & Retirement Advisers was founded in 2015 and from the beginning, we did things a little differently, specialising only in Aged Care Financial Advice. We provide real advice when it’s needed most, creating significant long-term cost savings and security for our clients.

We were inspired to establish Beacon after experiencing the complexities of the aged care sector firsthand, looking for the best possible care for a loved one. Coming from successful careers in financial advice and accounting, we were determined to build a business that offered certainty and assistance to families making challenging decisions.”

Jason & Natalie Gordon

Meet the Experts


Natalie Gordon. Aged Care Financial Adviser (DipFP). Beacon Aged Care & Retirement Advisers. Financial Advice & Planning.


Aged Care Financial Adviser

(Dip. Financial Planning)

Over the past 20 years, I’ve gained extensive experience in all areas of financial planning, with a strong focus on aged care, retirement living and estate planning advice. As Principal Adviser, I aim to make a meaningful difference every day to families with loved ones moving into the later stages of life. I firmly believe that an important sense of security comes with knowing you’re on the right financial path and I’m driven to impact my clients’ lives in a positive way.

Jason Gordon. Aged Care Financial Adviser (B Bus, Dip FP). Beacon Aged Care & Retirement Advisers. Financial Advice & Planning.


Aged Care Financial Adviser

(B. Bus Accounting, Dip. Financial Planning)

As the Owner of Beacon Financial Planning Pty Ltd, I’ve specialised in aged care advice exclusively since 2013.  Following several years in senior management and financial roles, I co-founded Beacon in 2015, pursuing my passion for helping people in the complex environment of aged care. I pride myself on having an unwavering commitment to my clients and am focused on helping families with real advice that removes financial stress with a warm and friendly approach.



Aged Care Financial Adviser

(Dip. Financial Planning)

Having worked in financial services since 2012, it wasn’t until she joined the Beacon family in 2018 that she found her passion for helping families through the difficult process of putting a loved one in care.  Specialising exclusively in aged care, she helps her clients navigate the complexities of the aged care system with clear and simple strategies.



Aged Care Financial Adviser

(Adv Dip. Financial Planning)

Experiencing first hand the emotional stress and complexities of placing my mother into aged care, spearheaded by desire to help families truely understand the process and costs involved.

Having been a financial adviser for over 10 years,  her expertise in financial planning has led her to a more specialised role in the aged care industry.

Aged Care isn’t just one of the services we offer, it’s all we do and we’re passionate about it.  Our team of experts will be across any changes in legislation and care options.