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Transitioning a loved one into aged care is never easy. Making a choice, and deciding how to fund that long term, can be overwhelming. Legislation and entitlements for support can be complicated and change regularly, and it’s sometimes hard to know your options.

As a family owned business, we promise you’ll receive personalised advice in easy to understand language, to help make those tough decisions with confidence and certainty.

Our Fees

Our mission is to authentically advise people in an affordable way.

We are confident in our service and its value, which is why we are very transparent in our fees so that there’s no hidden costs that you didn’t anticipate.

Individual entering care


Including GST

Couple Both Entering Care


Including GST

Our Services

Our advice and services includes all of the following at no additional costs

Comprehensive assessment of your personal financial situation and circumstances

Provide on-the-spot advice and solutions by the end of the first meeting with you

Written statement of advice

Communication with your chosen aged care provider to update them on your financial requirements

Support with completing centrelink and DVA financial forms

Communication with Centrelink and DVA financial departments if required

Review of your aged care admission contract and financial paperwork

Post admission financial queries re your aged care financials relating to statement of advice

Our simple and comprehensive 6 step process will take you all the way from initial enquiry about your aged care financial costs all the way to admission into your chosen aged care home as well as any post admission financial issues that may arise.

View our full overview of our advice and process to support you with your entry into aged care.

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